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Elevate your kitchen to new heights of beauty and functionality with our exquisite range of stone surfaces, including Quartz, Granite, Dekton and Porcelain worktops. These materials are the epitome of style, durability, and versatility, making them the perfect choice for your kitchen design.

With our range of stone surfaces, you can customise your kitchen to reflect your personal style while enjoying unparalleled longevity and functionality. Make a statement with the enduring beauty of stone in your kitchen.

Other Materials - Quartz


A natural material, quartz is both tough, durable and strong and has stunning surface patterns and hues. Perfect for kitchen and bathroom services, it is a mineral renowned for having similar strength to a diamond. Don’t worry about quartz staining, as it is non-porous and great in areas where cooking is carried out. Clean with just a wipe and forget about bacteria or viruses penetrating.


Who would guess that this amazing material is formed from molten magma, a rock mixture found underneath the earth’s surface? Its natural qualities make it incredibly tough and suitable for all kinds of worktops. Choose from a plethora of colours including black, grey and pale pink. Clients also adore the granite with golden or silver specks. Give the perfect finishing touch to your home with granite.
Other Materials - Granite
Other Materials - Ceramic


Ceramic worktops have long been a favourite with clients, adding a touch of classical elegance to any room. If your kitchen or bathroom needs a makeover or you are building from new, a ceramic worktop works brilliantly. Not only will it blend with other worktops but also its good looks are matched by its sturdiness. It won’t scratch or burn so perfect for busy kitchens. It will also give your bathroom that special finishing touch whichever shade or colour you choose.


A beautiful stone material comprising more than twenty natural minerals, Dekton remains a firm favourite for worktops. Top of the charts as far as worktops go, it is resistant to heat, scratching and staining. No matter how much use your kitchen or bathroom worktop gets, Dekton will remain looking superb. Compressed using glass, quartz and porcelain, it gives a very even work surface. Put this top of your list for your kitchen or bathroom worktop choice.
Other Materials - Dekton
Other Materials - Glass Splashbacks

Glass & Mirror Splashbacks​

Are you looking for mirrored splashbacks for your kitchen or bathroom? They make the perfect choice for any room, reflecting light and making the area appear larger. The other great thing about glass and mirror splashbacks is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Forget about scrubbing walls or having to clean or re-grout standard tiles. These types of splashbacks are not only attractive to the eye but practical too.