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The cost of your new worktop from Quality Quartz Surfaces will depend on the type of material you choose, size and specification. Tell us what you are looking for and how much you want to spend and we will come up with several options from which to choose. Alternatively, email us the layout plan.
We have a worktop to suit every type of budget. Speak to one of our team and discuss what you are looking for. They will quickly identify the best options.
Granite is a natural stone produced whilst quartz is manufactured. Granite has to be sealed to protect the surface. Quartz comes ready to use and doesn’t need to be sealed.
Although fabricated, quartz worktops are predominantly made of a tough natural material that won’t scratch or stain. Marble is a natural stone and is much softer. It looks beautiful and will need to be sealed for protection.
These two materials have much in common with both being man-made and engineered from natural components. The difference is that Dekton does not have added resins or colours.
Dekton is a type of ceramic. It comes in a stunning array of colours and patterns and is made by mixing glass, porcelain and quartz.
Whilst Dekton is manufactured from engineered stone, granite is a natural product. Dekton is extremely compact, making it tough without pores. This makes it heat, stain and scratch resistant. Dekton does not have to be sealed, whilst granite does, being porous. Sealers have to be applied to granite regularly or it will stain.
Ceramic is fabricated using 100% raw materials to make it durable and give various designs. Granite is a natural product but not as hard as ceramic which is heat resistant and non-porous. Granite looks beautiful but the surface does have to be sealed for protection. The colours and designs of granite are produced organically.
This will depend predominantly upon your budget and how the kitchen is used. Some materials are tougher and more robust than others are. Natural products like granite have to be sealed for protection from staining. All of the worktops provided by Quality Quartz Surfaces are perfect for kitchen use. We can help you choose between colours, styles and prices. Each worktop material has different properties.
Most worktops clean easily with warm soapy water. Do not use harsh chemicals or bleach. This is particularly relevant when you have a natural stone surface, such as granite. Our team can advise on cleaning.
Each worktop is of the highest quality. In the unlikely event that you have a problem, please contact us.
Yes. Our warranty provides the registered owner of the fitted worktops with 100% full protection. All products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for their lifetime. This runs from the installation date and is in line with our terms and conditions. Our ‘Warranty’ section provides further details.
Most of our products can be used for outdoor areas but always check before ordering. We recommend that you don’t opt for polished quartz or light-coloured quartz unless they are protected by a roof or covering.
No. Ceramic and Dekton worktops are heat resistant. However, hot pans will damage some worktop surfaces such as granite and quartz.
Our home visits are perfect if you would like a site survey carried out. You can also view samples during the visit. Contact us to arrange.
Yes, it’s no problem for us to dispose of your old existing worktops. Our service includes all that you need, such as disconnecting appliances and taking out unwanted worktops. When we fit your new worktops, appliances will be reconnected. We will need photos of your existing worktops in place so that we know precisely what is involved. Please phone for further details.
Yes of course. You are welcome to visit our showroom. Please get in touch to make an appointment. You can do this by email or phone. Our staff look forward to assisting you.
Our showroom is open weekdays Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. Bank holidays are not included. Please get in touch to arrange a visit.
Don’t worry if you cannot find the worktop you want on our website. We have many more colours and materials available. Simply talk to our skilled and knowledgeable staff to find the perfect worktop for your project.